EEG Introduces SCTE-104

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.: EEG has introduced the SCTE-104 Suite designed to streamline insertion and decoding of closed captioning.

Insertion of customized SCTE-104 cues can now be accomplished via the versatile EEG HD480 Smart Encoder V, or the EEG 1450 AFD FormatGuard Card. Using the HD480 or 1450, broadcast engineers can easily insert customized SCTE-104 packets into the video signal, from TCP/IP, RS-232, or GPI sources. Each packet has configurable VANC settings including a programmable repeat, and even the trigger data can be customized for each transmission based on plant-specific logic.

For extraction and monitoring of SCTE-104 cue messages, the EEG DE285 HD Caption Decoder/VANC Monitor offers full display of all SMPTE 2010-formatted VANC packets, plus video overlay notifications for SCTE-104 splice requests. With data available for immediate access from the on-screen display, as well as securely through the Web interface and via SNMP, broadcast engineers can readily view necessary information for commercial insertion confirmation and troubleshooting.

The EEG SCTE-104 Suite also includes an additional SCTE-35 triggering option on the 1450 and DE285, both of which provide a flexible HTTP interface to the Motorola DigiCipher Event Manager, which manages SCTE-35 data as well as legacy analog cue tones in many broadcast systems.