EditShare Announces FLOW, EFS Technology Update For Q3

(Image credit: EditShare)

BOSTON—EditShare has released its Q3 technology update offering users improvements in how they access, monitor and configure the FLOW media asset management platform and EFS shared storage.

“This release is another leap forward. We have built a multi-location foundation on a scalable, resilient architecture that offers customers new ways to collaborate,” said Sunil Mudholkar, vice president of product management at EditShare.

“It provides an unparalleled web-based remote production workflow experience for productions of all sizes. We are excited to bring these capabilities to our customers and support their ability to work where they want and with their tools of choice.”

Updates include:

  • Optimized EFS multi-location data transfer capabilities that take advantage of best-in-class software solutions to provide transparency over asset movement, making it possible to prioritize transfers across multiple locations.
  • FLOW Scan Scaling Service, which enables distributed processing in parallel, making it possible to run multiple scan instances across storage tiers.
  • New FLOW Production Nodes optimized for HPE. They are available as Light, Standard and XL to support a range of workflows.
  • Open-source ELK analytics enabling easy visualization of important data to maintain the health of FLOW and EFS installations and ensure optimum performance.
  • Availability of EditShare Connect for Linux.
  • FLOW UI and EFS Control with new iconography and dark-mode color scheme.

The company has released a video (opens in new tab) with more details. More information on Flow (opens in new tab) and EFS (opens in new tab) is available on the company’s website.

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