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Echolab introduces the Conductor

The Echolab Conductor, a touch-screen computer that automates a video switcher, was unveiled for the European market at IBC2007.

The Conductor has two modes of operation. In preproduction mode, it can be used to configure the switcher, build sequences, transfer graphics, or configure the on-air soft buttons. In on-air mode, the Conductor becomes an extension of the switcher control panel. The touch-screen interface features soft buttons that can execute sequences, load graphics, recall ME presets, and communicate with video servers, character generators and other third-party devices.

The computer features an array of software tools to automate program elements and build communications links with video servers, VTRs and character generators. With the system's sequence builder tool, users can prepare a complicated sequence of events ranging from operating the switcher to controlling third-party devices. While on the air, useres can launch the sequence with the touch of a single button.

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