DVB Elects Peter MacAvock as Chairman

GENEVA—It’s an election year for more than just the presidency, as the Digital Video Broadcasting consortium announced that Peter MacAvock has been elected to the position of chairman. The vote took place at the 83rd meeting of the Steering Board and will see MacAvock take over the role from Phil Laven, who held the position since 2008.

Peter MacAvock

MacAvock currently serves as head of delivery, platforms and services with EBU Technology & Innovation, but he previously served as DVB’s executive director for 14 years.

The DVB is dealing with the development of UHDTV, particularly HDR, HFR and Next Generation Audio; future transmission systems; and Study Mission Groups on virtual reality.

“DVB needs to stand on the shoulders of its past successes to prepare for an exciting future: no small challenge in today’s ever changing environment,” said MacAvock in the organization’s official announcement.

DVB is an industry-led consortium of more than 200 global broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers, and regulators that seek to develop open interoperable technical standards for the global delivery of digital media and broadcast services.