DST Partners With Streambox

(October 24, 2003) New York, NY--Systems integration provider Digital System Technology (DST) has announced a strategic partnership with Streambox to distribute the company’s realtime, multi-network Streambox ACT-L3 Video Transport System. The Streambox ACT-L3 delivers broadcast-quality interlaced video at 1.5 megabits per second over T1, ATM, or IP-based network or satellites. Because it provides advanced error correction reliably over a variety of network types, the system is ideally suited for rural environments without an existing network infrastructure.

“Wherever there’s a T1 line or IP network, our system will deliver broadcast-quality, interlaced video in real-time starting at 1.5 megabits,” said Robert Hildeman, chairman and CEO, Streambox. “T1 lines are easy to find and a very well defined standard for data delivery, and declining costs of other broadband alternatives are opening many new opportunities.”