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DNF Controls offers new sports controller for Abekas Mira server

The latest addition to the DMAT line of sports controllers from DNF Controls is customized to operate in tandem with the Abekas Mira video server. The new DMAT-AB can be configured as three record/one playout or two record/two playout channels. The DMAT’s T-Bar provides accurate speed control of Mira’s slow-motion playout and is fully compatible with Mira’s Super Slow Motion option.

This tight integration of the DMAT-AB with the simultaneous record and playback capabilities of Mira enables users to quickly access just-recorded events and preloaded media while continuing to record and respond to on-field action.

The DMAT/Mira combination provides fast, easy, precise and reliable control required in the demanding world of live sports for instant replays, highlight packages and preloaded media. The tandem offers an “instant live cut” feature that allows operators to instantly switch between the three record streams. This capability provides the functionality of a six-channel video server and downstream cuts-only switcher.