DK-Technologies to launch four-in-one HD/SD waveform monitor

DK-Technologies will launch the DK PT0760 HD/SD waveform monitor intended for outside broadcast (OB) vehicle, production studio and master control applications during NAB2008.

The lightweight DK PT0760 is effectively four HD/SD waveform monitors in one box, making it particularly useful for camera control unit (CCU) applications in which up to four cameras must be monitored.

The PTO760 features four separate autosensing HD/SD inputs that allow for the simultaneous display of four individual waveform monitors showing G, R, B, Y, Cb, Cr and luminance. It also has a quad splitter that lets users view four simultaneous displays on a single screen, either external or internal. The product also features a built-in rasterizer so all PTO760 functions of the can be seen on an SD or HD monitor.

See DK-Technologies in NAB booth N1533, or visit