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DivX Launches Platform to Watch Internet Content on TV

DivX Inc. has launched DivX TV, a comprehensive embedded Internet TV platform that provides access to a diverse line-up of online media content streamed directly to any connected device from any manufacturer.

The company says it’s the best way yet to run Web content directly on a television without a PC or a separate, dedicated box. It says the new platform represents “a true step forward in connected entertainment.”

DivX says the new platform is easy to implement and can be supported on virtually any kind of Internet-connected consumer electronics device, including digital televisions, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, pay-tv operators’ set-top devices, multimedia storage devices, and even mobile phones. The platform will also enable consumers to stream their own personal digital media content over a home network, and offers full playback of a variety of video formats, including all DivX videos.

The company says it has a user-friendly interface, unparalleled speed and performance and a broad content line-up.

"DivX TV revolutionizes the television experience by giving consumers quick and easy access to a virtually limitless universe of online content, and it's as simple to operate as changing channels with a remote control," said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX. "Our partners will also be pleased to know that DivX TV is designed specifically to work with today's mass market consumer electronics. It's easy to implement and support and new content sources can be added with very little effort."

DivX has long been a pioneer in bringing high-quality Internet video to consumer electronics, with over 250 million DivX devices shipped into the market from every major consumer electronics manufacturer. With DivX TV, the company is leveraging those partnerships and its strength in embedded video technology to evolve the Internet television experience.

LG Electronics was announced today as the first manufacturer to license the DivX TV platform for upcoming Blu-ray Disc players and home theater systems. The initial list of additional DivX TV partners includes ADB (Advanced Digital Broadcast), Bluestreak Technology, Brightcove, Broadcom Corp., Innovative DTV Solutions, Iomega, LG Electronics and Viewsonic Corp.

The platform will offer a large roster of online content including Internet video, premium movies, music channels, social networking services and photo-sharing sites. There are more than 70 content channels in place today from a variety of partners, with many more expected to sign on by the first launch of a DivX TV device.

Current DivX TV content sources, launch partners and channels include Associated Press,, Break, CNET, Roxio CinemaNow, Dailymotion, Diggnation, Pandora, Picasa, Revision 3, Rhapsody, TED, Tekzilla, The, Twitter and VBS.TV

"Many consumers today are looking for a way to enjoy Internet video on their TVs but they don't want to have to connect their PC or buy a separate box to make that happen," said Norm Bogen, Vice President of Digital Entertainment Research at In-Stat. "DivX has deep relationships with both consumer electronics companies and Hollywood studios, which puts them in a strong position to offer a comprehensive Internet TV solution that can be built into connected devices at the chip level from any CE company."

DivX will be unveiling the DivX TV platform at a private press event at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan. 7.