Dish Pay-TV Customers Drop By 230,000 in Q1 2021

(Image credit: Dish Network)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.—Dish Network has shared its first quarter 2021 financial report, which includes its pay-TV subscription numbers. Dish reported a net loss of 230,000 pay-TV subscribers in the quarter.

That 230,000 decrease actually represents a smaller churn of subscribers than Dish saw in Q1 2020, when 413,000 pay-TV subscriptions were lost. In total, Dish said it ended Q1 2021 with 11.06 million pay-TV subscribers, including 8.69 million Dish TV subscribers and 2.37 million for Sling TV.

Despite the dip in pay-TV subscribers, Dish reported a total revenue of $4.5 billion, up from $3.22 billion for the same period in 2020. Net income for Dish was $630 million in Q1 2021, up from $73 million in Q1 2020, per Dish.

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