Dish Loses 133,000 Pay-TV Subscribers in Q4 2020

(Image credit: Dish Network)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.—Dish Network experienced another quarter of net losses for its pay-TV subscriptions, but according to the company’s financial report, losses were less than a year ago, and in the instance of Sling TV, subscriptions are actually on the rise.

Dish’s fourth quarter and year-end 2020 financial report shared that the company lost 133,000 net pay-TV subscribers in Q4 2020. However, that is an improvement compared to Q4 2019’s 194,000 lost subscribers. 

Dish TV’s subscriptions dropped from 8.986 million in Q3 2020 to 8.82 million. But Sling TV, Dish’s vMVPD platform, actually saw modest growth from 2.458 million subscribers to 2.47 at the end of Q4.

In total, Dish ended 2020 with 11.29 million pay-TV subscribers. That is down from where it finished a year ago—11.986 million.

As for the entire company, Dish reported $4.56 billion in revenue for Q4 2020, up from $3.24 billion in Q4 2019. For the full year, Dish earned $15.49 billion in revenue, up from 2019’s $12.81 billion.

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