DISH Launches "Stop Feeding The Pig" Campaign

(November 19, 2003) Englewood, CO--EchoStar's DISH Network has launched a nationwide advertising and public relations campaign to "warn" American consumers about "excessive and rapidly rising" cable TV rates in order to promote its DBS service.

The new DISH Network advertising campaign asks consumers to "stop feeding the cable pig through television, radio and print ads that are cleverly designed and with good-natured humor." DISH Network has also established a website,, about the campaign. Thousands of DISH Network satellite TV retailers throughout the nation will also receive advertising support during the campaign.

According to the DISH Network, TV customers have seen their bills increase by more than 40% in the last five years. "These high cable TV rates are outrageous," said John Scarborough, senior vice president of marketing the DISH Network. "They are eating Americans out of house and home. Have you ever seen a cable company ad that explained how they save you money? DISH Network continues to offer the lowest all digital TV price in the nation, and better yet, we've frozen the rate of our basic channel package through January 2005."

EchoStar Communications