Dish Gives ION Top Tier

Distribution agreement extended

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.: ION Media Networks said today that Dish Network will extends ION on its most popular tier. Starting this month, Dish will distribute ION Television as part of its Classic Bronze 100 programming package, expanding ION’s reach to the majority of Dish’s nearly 14 million subscribers.

“We look forward to supporting and welcoming the growing numbers of Dish subscribers to ION Television, especially in the Pacific and Mountain time zones,” said ION chief Brandon Burgess.

ION Television brands itself a “Positively Entertaining,” general entertainment net. The line-up includes a heavy off-network rotation of shows—“NCIS” from CBS; “Boston Legal,” from ABC; and later this year, “Criminal Minds” and “Ghost Whisperer,” both from CBS. ION also started producing original movies this year with the first one scheduled to debut on the network last this year.