Digital Broadcast introduces MediaFire DUB HD

Digital Broadcast has launched the MediaFire DUB HD system, which enables the dubbing of both HD and SD syndicated programming off the Pathfire DMG server.

Designed in collaboration with Pathfire, the MediaFire Dub HD was constructed as an integral component of the Pathfire delivery system and integrates into Pathfire’s dub service architecture.

With simple drag-and-drop operation, the syndicated programming from the DMG server transfers directly to the MediaFire Dub HD so it is immediately available for dubbing to tape or to an existing server system. Files transfer via GigE in their native format with no transcoding required. The user can select the output to be 1080i or 720p HD or 480i SD. The MediaFire Dub HD also preserves 600 and 708 closed-captioning and passes AC-3 bit stream.

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