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SAN FRANCISCO—Digital Anarchy has launched an update to Transcriptive Rough Cutter that includes a new Transcriptive A.I. Premium option for Adobe Premiere Pro editors.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter gives Premiere Pro editors the ability to use text-based video editing and collaboration with intelligent text-to-video conforming software, the company said.

Built on Digital Anarchy's Transcriptive A.I. plugin, Rough Cutter automatically and instantly creates new video sequences from transcribed text by analyzing transcripts edited by video editors or their collaborators. Transcripts can be created in Transcriptive or imported if created through other services, such as Adobe Sensei, it said.

The Rough Cutter v.3.1 update offers a new Transcriptive A.I. Premium option that delivers transcripts, subtitling and captioning with improved accuracy, especially for video with poor audio quality, the company said.

This improvement leverages the latest machine learning models that enable the A.I. engine to transcribe difficult audio with an accuracy that previously was only possible with clean audio, it said.

The new Premium option is priced at $0.15/min for pay-as-you-go and $0.12/min for editors who purchase prepaid minutes.  

“People speak of improved accuracy measured in percentages, but they don’t always understand what those percentages mean in terms of actual performance and accuracy,” said Jim Tierney, president of Digital Anarchy.

“A performance gain of 5% may not sound significant on the surface, but when it comes to transcriptions, every 1% of additional accuracy means roughly 15% less incorrect words," he continued. "And every additional 1% in accuracy means 4 minutes less clean up time for a 30-minute clip. Those accuracy and speed improvements add up quickly and are incredibly valuable to editors who are always on a deadline, and always judged for the quality of their work. This is what Transcriptive Rough Cutter does for our customers.”

Other new features and improvements include:

  • Easy imports of Adobe transcripts—Video editors now can import transcripts created by Adobe’s Speech To Text service with only two steps. When the steps are completed, Transcriptive Rough Cutter automatically starts the alignment process, syncing the transcript to the footage and automatically adding timecode to each transcribed word.
  • Automatic SRT sentence splitting—Users can now split the transcript text automatically, making caption and subtitle creation more precise and faster. There is no longer a need to split sentences manually after each paragraph on the text editor before exporting.
  • Create markers for each sentence for more precise notes—Editors wanting transcripts to show as markers on their timelines can use Marker Export to save each sentence as a separate market, giving them better tagging for each segment of a clip or sequence.  
  • Text editor improvements—Selecting, copying and pasting functions now are more closely aligned with a regular word processor. Pasted text gets attached to the selection timecode of the word that is being overwritten.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter v3.1 is available immediately and priced at $199. It is a free upgrade for existing Transcriptive Rough Cutter v2.0 customers. 

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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