Digieffects ships Damage plug-in

Visual effects software plug-in developer Digieffects has begun shipping Damage, a new set of plug-ins for video and film post-production professionals.

Digieffects Damage is a collection of four effects designed for post-production professionals who want to create an extensive variety of digital and/or analog defects, errors and artifacts in their footage. It supports Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Combustion and Boris RED.

Damage includes the following effects:

  • Blockade makes video look like it has been compressed and transmitted through a bandwidth-limited pipe.
  • Artifact simulates lost DCT blocks and frame dropping.
  • Interference creates the look of interlaced video fields, even on progressive footage and still images.
  • Skew adds analog broadcast artifacts, such as noise, image shear and ghosts.

For more information, visit www.digieffects.com.