Deltacast shows DELTA-sport HD soccer imaging

Deltacast is now showing DELTA-sport, a sensor-free soccer enhancement system that uses HD image processing technology to superimpose virtual graphics over a field without any sensor required on the camera.

DELTA-sport allows the creation of offside lines, a 9.15m circle for free kicks, distance to the goal and logos or virtual advertising on the pitch. Its camera tracking capabilities allow images to be overlaid onto the live video.

Dual-channel integrated storage enables the incrustation of offside lines in replay sequences with slow-motion capabilities, without the need of any additional equipment. It performs real-time chroma keying in full HD resolution with no up/downconversion involved

The system operates in full autonomy, directly receiving the signal of up to three cameras. Offside replay sequences are stored automatically on hard disk to allow instant retrieval and replay during event pauses.

The system is designed to be flexible to accommodate difficult lightning conditions and for last-minute lightning condition changes. It also features a degraded mode allowing operation when the field is covered by snow.

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