Dejero introduces Dejero LIVE Platform 2.0 IP ENG system

At the 2011 NAB Show, Dejero unveiled Dejero LIVE Platform 2.0, a mobile live-to-air newsgathering system for HD contribution over 4G wireless service.

The Dejero LIVE Platform 2.0 offers television broadcasters a complete mobile transmission solution to cover breaking news live or send files remotely. Featuring quick setup and transmission done with the push of a button, Dejero LIVE Platform 2.0 lets users choose between 720p/60 or 720/50 HD and 480i or 576i SD transmission based upon network conditions and latency requirements. The unit's transmitter can connect to 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi wireless networks or directly to the Internet via Ethernet.

The 2.0 platform offers new integrated store and forward capabilities that let users record video anywhere for later transmission back to the studio. The feature also lets users record video directly to the Dejero mobile transmitter while simultaneously transmitting live.