Decisionmark Powers WRAL Datacast Content

(November 4, 2003) Cedar Rapids, IA--As part of a joint venture between Capitol Broadcasting, owner of WRAL-DT and DTV Plus, in Raleigh, NC, and Decisionmark, Raleigh-area viewers will for 30 days will be able to schedule, download and watch their favorite datacast content via WRAL-DT’s TitanTV program guide, which was developed by Decisionmark.

This is the first time a datacast content schedule has been entered into a station’s online guide.

For this project, WRAL uses its existing TotalCast application and encodes a variety of programming and content made available at various times of the day. By clicking on a QuickCast icon on the TitanTV guide’s ‘WRAL On-Demand’ tab, WRAL viewers can capture available datacast content of interest to them. To capture the content, viewers must own a B2C2 datacast USB tuner.

Viewers also have the option of selecting available content that was previously aired, such as "WRAL News," "Football Friday," and "Headline Saturday."

“The QuickCast solution demonstrates viewer-friendly datacast content delivery, which is important in leveraging our digital content and increasing viewership. It gives us a platform to strengthen our relationship with the viewer," said James F. Goodmon, president and CEO, Capitol Broadcasting, owners and operators of WRAL-DT in Raleigh, NC.

Jack Perry, president and CEO of Decisionmark, said that it’s essential for industry leaders to help viewers understand the possibilities created by the conversion to digital TV broadcasting and the nascent technologies becoming available to them. “We are proud to join Capitol Broadcasting’s DTV Plus to further the success of the DTV transition by demonstrating the very real capabilities of datacast scheduling and downloading via our QuickCast system.”