DDT Software Releases DVR for Mobile TV

d/dt Software has announced the release of a new app that many mobile-TV users have been clamoring for: a mobile TV DVR called TV Anytime. Because of the sometimes limited amount of storage on mobile devices, and the large amount of space required by recording shows, setup is a bit different. After installing the app for Android or Apple iOS and setting up an account, users can choose which shows they want to record.

Recording actually takes place on users’ PC, completely bypassing the problem of using phone data plans and/or running out of phone storage. Once the recordings are done, the shows are downloaded to users’ mobile device via either Wi-Fi or USB, so users can choose which shows to transfer.

One of the key advantages of this is, because the shows are prerecorded, users can watch them on their devices even when they are offline. Control options such as fast forward are also available so users can scan through any commercials.

TV Anytime even comes packed with its own catalog of shows. With more than 450 shows, there are thousands of episodes to choose from, so even if users bypass the recording options, they’ll still get plenty of content. The company's premium catalogue of shows is available for free for all of 2012 for users who sign up before the end of 2011.

Netflix is also supported, so users can sign in and get access to their favorite Netflix programming.

Facebook is in the mix as well. If users log in though Facebook, they can have access to their libraries on multiple mobile devices.

TV Anytime works with AirPlay, so users can record their favorite shows, download them to their iPads and then play them on their living room TV.

d/dt Software is jumping on what could be the next big trend in mobile devices — letting the user record what he or she wants, when they want it and watch it around their schedule. Offloading to the PC keeps data rates down and having a built-in stable of premium content ensures that new customers will always have something to watch.

The app is available now to download in the Android Marketplace and also via iTunes.