DC Office of Cable TV Enters Partnership with Mason Productions

The D.C. Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications (OCTT) have entered into a significant private/public partnership with Mason Productions, LLC (Mason Productions) that has economic and national implications for OCTT. OCTT is a District of Columbia agency that operates under the Executive Office of the Mayor. OCTT is charged with the responsibility of regulating the provision of cable television services by cable television service providers who operate video distribution systems that occupy the public rights-of-way in the District of Columbia. OCTT also manages and operates the District’s two government cable access channels: OCTT 13 and OCTT 16 and cablecast the University of the District of Columbia's channel 98. Pursuant to its new partnership with OCTT, Mason Productions will design and manage the upgrade of OCTT’s digital broadcast center to High Definition. OCTT’s broadcast center is located in the Intelsat Building; 3007 Tilden Street, NW; Washington, D.C.

In addition, Mason Productions will market the broadcast facility to the local and national production communities.

James D. Brown, Jr., Executive Director of OCTT, said, “We are excited about our new partnership with Mason Productions. We are excited about the tremendous benefits that this partnership will bring to our District of Columbia audience, and we are very enthusiastic about its broad economic potential.”

Brown added, “Our goals regarding this upgrade and alliance are to attract more television production work to Washington, D.C.; to expand the production talent base in the District; and to satisfy the digital television broadcast mandates that have been imposed upon OCTT and other broadcasters by the Federal Communications Commission,” states OCTT Executive Director James D. Brown, Jr. “By developing this private/ public relationship, we will create greater opportunities for District of Columbia residents to gain substantive exposure to the television production industry.”

Brown additionally noted the fact that Todd Mason, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mason Productions, has a proven track record of bringing major productions to Washington, DC—productions such as ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn, along with several series for the Discovery Networks, TV One, MTV, Comedy Central and Showtime.

Todd Mason said, “I have known James Brown for more than ten years and have seen the amazing accomplishments that have resulted from his enterprising spirit and hard work. James has done a continually stellar job of running the District’s Office of Cable Television and Telecommunications. He is steadfast in his efforts to protect the interests of the District and its residents. I am very excited about working with James and the District government on this project,” comments Todd Mason.

Presently, the project is well underway and its completion is scheduled for this November.