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Daystar expands its QuStream routing system

Daystar Television, a Christian television network, has ordered its ninth QuStream Distributed Routing System (DRS) audio router for installation in the studio at its headquarters in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The innovative router is being used within the company’s 90,000sq-ft. International Ministry Center, complete with two production studios, alongside an existing QuStream video router to produce programs for transmission via a network of 50 stations located around the country.

The company employs several QuStream routers, including a 16 x 16 HD matrix in a 512 x 512 Cheetah Frame in the studio and a 256 x 256 Cheetah in its 40ft production trailer, according to Steve McNeal, director of engineering at the Daystar Television Network. Signals are routed from the rack via fiber back to the DRS router in the production trailer. They also have the ability to use CWDM fiber between the trailer and studio routers.

The DRS accommodates 64 x 64 AES (64 pairs) or analog audio router in 1RU, expandable to 2048 x 2048 in 36 distributed chassis. I/O connectors for 64 inputs or outputs, two control inputs and two Cat 5 connectors allow 128 total inputs or outputs as the connectors handle stereo pairs. Routing can be flat or in any group combination depending on switcher configuration.

The router’s analog audio input chassis accepts balanced audio and converts it to AES at 96kHz sampling rate. Total delay from input to output is constant and only a few clocks of 96kHz. When an error is detected, the last sample is repeated. The high sampling frequency means every alternate word can be lost with zero degradation.

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