da Vinci Resolve delivers Damien eyes for "The Omen 666"

Burbank, CA, based post house Modern VideoFilm deployed da Vinci’s Resolve nonlinear color enhancement system for “The Omen 666.”

The Resolve system allowed colorists at Modern VideoFilm to grade in real time and in full 4K resolution during the color conforming process, saving hours of reconform time and improving overall DI workflow efficiency.

Modern VideoFilm colorist Skip Kimball used Resolve’s Conform Tools interface to run multiple timelines and associated color corrections simultaneously, which in turn gave him the ability to generate different versions for the same session and load an unlimited number of EDLs.

In addition, Resolve automatically linked metadata to color correction processes across the timelines, allowing Kimball to link images so that the enhancement of one image was automatically applied to all frames in that group.

Using da Vinci’s PowerWindows and keys, Kimball isolated specific areas that needed color enhancement, mainly the eyes of the movie’s main character, Damien. Once the selected area was highlighted, Kimball used Resolve’s object-tracking feature to track the eyes throughout a particular scene. Secondary color correction allowed Kimball to change the color of the eyes without affecting any other colors and to share the isolated image throughout the system.

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