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Crystal Vision releases space-efficient router

New from Crystal Vision is the SW803 3G, a modular 8 x 3 cross point routing switch designed to route eight 3Gb/s, HD or SD sources to any of three destinations while saving broadcast engineers rack space. It combines its space-saving capabilities with disturbance-free switching options and a flexible choice of control.

Ideal for those applications requiring a small pocket of extra routing, the SW803 3G is perfect as a secondary matrix for small-studio uses. Being a module that is housed in the standard frames alongside the rest of the product range makes it particularly suited to applications already using other Crystal Vision boards, such as providing a selection of backgrounds for a chroma keyer. With up to six SW803 3Gs fitting in 2RU, this “double decker” 100mm x 266mm module takes up significantly less space than both a stand-alone routing switch and the modular switches found elsewhere. It uses two RM50 frame rear modules to access the eight inputs and three outputs.

The SW803 3G makes it easy to set individual switches using three simple steps: select the output, select the input and press the “take” button. Alternatively, multiple switch macros can be created to change a number of cross point switches simultaneously. The SW803 3G avoids picture disturbance by switching in the vertical blanking interval according to SMPTE RP168-2009, with timing information provided by an HD trilevel sync, SD black and burst analog reference or by a digital reference generated from any of the four main board inputs. The SW803 3G can also be set to switch immediately, useful in cases when all the signals have different timings and there is no common reference.

The SW803 3G features a variety of control methods. The SW808 1RU control panel is available to those who prefer tactile, hands-on operation. Connected to the SW803 3G using an RS-422 serial link, it has dedicated illuminated buttons for each of the three destinations and eight sources as well as buttons for “take” and the save and recall of macros. At only 90mm deep, the SW808 controller fits easily in a control desk and is ideal for live operation and for when the SW803 3G has regular adjustment. Alternative control options include board edge switches, active front and remote panels, SNMP and the Statesman PC control software.

Using any of these control methods, as well as GPIs, up to 15 macros and presets can be easily created and stored, enabling the SW803 3G to be preconfigured for various situations. Macros and presets are ideal for those engineers with several system setups that they switch between on a regular basis. Macros allow just part of the routing to be changed, while presets are designed to bring all the routing into a known state. For additional ease of use, names can be assigned to the sources and destinations.