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Crystal Vision introduces Safe Switch 3G

Crystal Vision has introduced its Safe Switch 3G, designed to provide clean and intelligent 2 x 2 switching between two 3Gb/s, HD or SD sources containing up to four groups of embedded audio.

The full framestore synchronizer on each input allows it to correct for any timing difference between the two inputs. The result is no disruption to the output picture when a switch takes place. It can even lose the reference and not affect the output.

Safe Switch 3G can be used for planned maintenance switches to manually reroute a good signal around broken equipment or as an intelligent emergency transmission switch with the option of selecting from 16 different fault conditions to automatically trigger the switch.

Available in two versions — Safe Switch 3G and Safe Switch-L 3G — it provides a robust, one-board system that replaces a switch and two synchronizers. This simplifies system designs and saves both money and rack space.