Creative Technology Group chooses LDK 3000 HD cameras

Rental house Creative Technology Group has ordered 10 Grass Valley LDK 3000 multiformat HD cameras to fulfill client demand for affordable, high-quality HD acquisition.

Creative Technology Group in part based its selection on the camera's performance, price point and ability to use triax instead of fiber in the field. "We wanted to get away from having to use fiber in the field as it is not as robust as triax," said Jason Meckler, engineering and production manager at the Creative Technology Group.

The company also will rely on the LDK 3000's operational control panel (OCP), which replaces the need for a master control unit to control cameras remotely. The LDK 3000 cameras are also equipped with a new 7in LCD viewfinder, which provides excellent contrast and minimizes smear on quick pans due to its high refresh rate.