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Cox Picks P2

Cox Television will convert the newsgathering operations of all 15 of its television stations to Panasonic's DVCPRO P2 solid-state memory recording system. The stations' prior ENG format was Beta SP.

The seven Cox stations that will be outfitted with DVCPRO P2 products this year include: KTVU, San Francisco, CA; KIRO, Seattle, WA; KFOX, El Paso, TX; WPXI, Pittsburgh, PA; WSOC, Charlotte, NC; WFTV, Orlando, FL; and WHIO, Dayton, OH. The sale encompasses more than 130 pieces of DVCPRO P2 equipment including AJ-SPX800 camcorders, AJ-PCD10 drives, and AJ-SPX850 studio editing recorders as well as more than 360 P2 cards.

"Cox's philosophy is to make constant improvements in our broadcast quality and workflow while maintaining tight control on our operating costs," commented Sterling Davis, vice president of engineering, Cox Television, on the sale. "We feel this purchase benefits us in all three categories."