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Cordillera Communications KVOA-TV And WLEX-TV Launch HD Local News With Ross Video

Ross Video announced that Cordillera Communications KVOA-TV in Tuscon, AZ, and WLEX-TV in Lexington, KY, both NBC affiliates, have invested in Synergy 4 Multi-Definition (MD-X) Production Switchers to produce local news programming in High-Definition (HD).

Extensive HD equipment and system integration is well underway, and a spring launch date is anticipated. Both KVOA and WLEX will become the first station in their respective markets to broadcast local news in high-def.

“We have had an exceptional experience working with Ross Video for many years,” said Andrew Suk, Vice President Engineering and Operations, Cordillera Communications. “Ross has quality products with excellent support. When the decision was made to go HD, it only made sense to purchase Ross. You only have to buy the product once; cost of ownership is considerably less. To transition to HD is significant, and Ross will play an important role.”

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Cordillera Communications as they launch their local news in HD at KVOA-TV and WLEX-TV,” said David Ross, CEO, Ross Video. “Synergy MD-X offers advanced performance for live news production in HD.” The Synergy 4 MD-X delivers a powerful feature set in a 4 ME architecture with device interfaces to streamline productions. Synergy MD-X delivers a superior product.”

The Synergy 4 MD-X Multi-Definition Production Switcher combines a 4 effects bank control panel with the MD-X live production engine provides 4 full MEs with up to 4 downstream keyers. Each M/E is equipped with 4 channels of Squeeze Tease 3D DVEs, two standard UltraChrome Chroma Keyers, and 4 channels of MLE-Store with MediaCache moving image play back. The Synergy 4 MD-X is used in the most advanced newscasts and supports HD, SD or any combination of the two formats.