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Concurrent and Scripps Networks Demonstrate Unique Branding and Revenue-Generating Opportunities With Content-Specific On-Demand Promotion at The National Show

At The National Show, Concurrent Computer Corporation and Scripps Networks demonstrated the unique advantages of targeted on-demand promotion powered by Concurrent’s MediaHawk Interactive Media Solution (IMS) with content from Scripps Networks’ offerings, including Home & Garden Television (HGTV), Food Network, DIY Network and FINE LIVING.

Concurrent’s MediaHawk IMS enables patent-pending, in-band streaming of targeted, full motion video automatically sized to fit barker windows to provide one-of-a-kind, customer-specific advertising, branding and educational opportunities. As the consumer navigates through menu options, promotional content in the barker automatically changes to align with that individual consumer’s specific interests based on their menu choices – throughout each navigational tier.

With this new marketing and branding tool, Scripps Networks has the opportunity to highlight and brand each of their networks through server-generated backgrounds, combined with the full motion video. Scripps offers on-demand viewing for HGTV, the Food Network, DIY and FINE LIVING for an even greater customized and enhanced viewer experience.

“This new marketing tool provides Scripps with an incredible branding opportunity with our viewers,” said Channing Dawson, Senior Vice President, Emerging Media, Scripps Networks. “Our lifestyle media programming for On-Demand has been highly successful, and Concurrent’s innovative technology enables us to promote our brands to subscribers by creating store fronts for our content. Through this enhanced navigation experience, subscribers will be able to identify with each of our network brands that they enjoy and find this On-Demand content more easily.”

“HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network and FINE LIVING have become very popular networks, and their content is great for On-Demand,” said Warren Neuburger, Chief Operating Officer, Concurrent. “Working with Scripps Networks to demonstrate our MediaHawk IMS has allowed us to illustrate the power of enhanced navigation, branded backgrounds and context-sensitive video throughout the On-Demand navigation.”