Companies Launch HDTV, Tapeless Seminars

Omneon Video Networks, Miranda Technologies and Linear Acoustic have joined together to develop and present a new seminar that focuses on the fundamental factors, technologies and realities behind the shift to HDTV. The educational seminar entitled "HDTV: Making the Transition" kicked off this week in New York City and will make its way across the U.S. after NAB2006.

The companies have designed the seminar to help engineers face new technology transition challenges as HDTV is introduced across the globe. Each seminar will address the fundamental elements of working in HD, examine the key systems building blocks for HD broadcast infrastructures, and include case studies highlighting leading broadcasters' experiences in making the shift to HDTV.

In addition to the Feb. 28 seminar, the three companies will host events in Los Angeles on May 23; Washington, D.C. on June 27; Chicago on Sept. 26; San Francisco on Oct. 24; Seattle on Oct. 26; and Miami on Nov. 28. The companies are charging a fee for attendance.

Omneon is also involved in another seminar series making its way across Europe. The company has joined forces with Dalet Digital Media Systems and Apple (opens in new tab) to deliver a special seminar series on building a state-of-the-art, digital newsroom operation with true end-to-end workflow.

The seminar will demonstrate strategies, technologies, and workflows that enable broadcasters to build a scalable, tapeless newsroom operation. The companies will present real-world case studies that will offer insight to the benefits and performance gains experienced by those who have made the leap.

The sessions will be held in Munich, Germany on March 7; Berlin, Germany on March 9; Cologne, Germany on March 8; Manchester, England on March 14; London, England on March 15; Paris, France on March 21; and Madrid, Spain on March 23. Registration is required.