Community College sets stage for HD with Utah Scientific router installation

Austin Community College in Austin, TX, has installed a UTAH-400 router and associated control panels to support the digital upgrade of a 1200sq-ft TV studio used by students studying broadcast technology.

The college collaborated on the project with Commercial Video Systems, a systems integrator in Austin.

The college is using a UTAH-400/32 router, loaded 24 x 16 and expandable to 32 x 32, which replaced an analog router in September. The college students are not currently producing HD content, but the Utah equipment was selected in part for its HD capability. Because the UTAH-400 is already HD capable, the college's system can migrate into HD by simply connecting the HD signals as they become available.

Originally, the studio plan called for separate audio routing, but the UTAH-400 enables embedded audio, which has streamlined the system by eliminating unnecessary switching matrices.

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