Colorado Town Converts to DISH Network

Rather than pay high fees to update its 20-year-old cable plant, Center, Colo., voted on June 28 to shut down city-run cable TV by mid-August and opted to convert to DISH Network. DISH will work with a RadioShack franchise retailer to convert approximately 600 cable customers.

"To maintain and upgrade our cable system, we were facing as much as a half-million dollar investment," said Center Mayor Adeline Sanchez. "Our agreement with the local RadioShack dealer means that the town of Center will make money for each resident that becomes a DISH Network subscriber. That's a huge benefit when the alternative is managing a cable TV system that is draining our town's financial resources."

The new TV satellite technologies include around 70 channels of all-digital programming, including local Denver channels, a set-top box and dish.

Customers can have up for four TVs connected with free installation and can choose a DISH Player digital video recorder (DVR) or a high-definition TV receiver.