Cobalt Digital Introduces 9905-MPx Multi-Channel Processor

Cobalt Digital
(Image credit: Cobalt Digital)

CHAMPAIGN, IL—Cobalt Digital has unveiled the 9905-MPx, an openGear multiple video feed-multi-channel processor offering advanced scaler/frame openGear synchronizer functionality.

The 9905-MPx, developed in response to customer requests for increased density, multi-input support and enhanced flexibility, supports four independent signal paths in a single module, the company said. 

An audio/video processor for baseband digital signals, the 9905-MPx can handle up to four independent 3G signals in a single, dense and cost-effective package, it said.

The card includes individual up/down/cross conversion scalers that are specifically designed for broadcast video formats with full ARC control suitable for conversions to and from 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The multi-path design offers discrete AES and MADI audio embedding, routing, mixing and de-embedding to any of the four processing paths, it said.

Standard 3D LUT features and available color correction accommodate SDR and HDR processing for downstream HDR systems on a per-channel basis.  The card also supports per-channel logo insertion, as well as ancillary data insertion/extraction, it said.

With its openGear form factor, the 9905-MPx can be integrated into existing broadcast frames. When used with Cobalt’s HPF-9000 20-slot chassis, customers can build a chassis with up to 24 channels (six cards) of processing in a single frame, it said.

The 9905-MPx offers flexible audio routing with MADI and AES support. It can serve as a full-featured audio router capable of cross-connecting any audio channel from any of the inputs to any of the outputs, as well as the MADI inputs and outputs.

“Every channel gets best-of-class processing without compromise and without channel-to-channel dependency,” said Suzana Brady, Cobalt senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing “Moreover, the openGear form factor allows for channels to be added as needed.”

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

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