Cobalt Digital Contributes to NBCU’s Award Winning Tokyo Olympics Coverage

Cobalt Digital
(Image credit: Cobalt Digital)

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.—Cobalt Digital today announced its participation as a technology partner in NBCUniversal’s Ultra HD coverage of the Tokyo Olympic Games, which was recognized with IBC’s Special Award.

The award, presented during a virtual ceremony, honored NBCU for its technical proficiency that brought the Tokyo Olympic Games to its audience in 4K UHD HDR with Dolby Atmos sound.

NBCU covered the whole content pipeline from acquisition in HLG and distribution in PQ to a new version of its Skypath distribution system, ensuring the Ultra HD versions were made available to more than 50 local TV stations across the United States. This guaranteed that the full HDR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Ultra HD experience was available to 70% of the country.

NBCU used the 3D LUT processing feature on Cobalt Digital’s 9904-UDX audio/video processor cards as the engine for its own NBCU LUTS, which fed the broadcaster’s UHD playout system. Incorporating the Cobalt cards into its workflow allowed NBCU to achieve quality conversion of either SDR to HDR, or HDR to SDR, and cross-conversion from HLG to PQ, the company said.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

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