Clear-Com Links WFMZ-TV Facilities With Intercom Over IP

ALLENTOWN, PA. —Allentown, Pa.-based WFMZ-TV has implemented a full-scale Eclipse digital matrix intercom system and the Concert Software Solution over an IP connection. Production team members at this station can now collaborate with crew members at the station’s remote reporting bureau several miles away.

WFMZ has deployed Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median digital matrix intercom and the Concert Intercom-over-IP software solution to create an integrated communications infrastructure. The Eclipse-Median frame was installed in their main studio. V-Series key panels at the station’s bureau are connected via IP to the V-Series key panels in the main TV studio at various positions: a control room, an editing suite, the audio room, the studio, or other areas of the building. Whenever the crew needs to expand the system at any location, they can add V-Series key panel over IP for more users.

Police scanners at the bureau are also linked to a PC running the Concert software. This PC is tied to another PC at the main studio that is also running the Concert software over IP. This setup allows the Allentown staff to monitor the scanner.