Clear Channel Chooses VCI For Variety TV Network

When looking to start a new digital multicast channel, Clear Channel chose Orion to be installed in the Technical Operation Center (TOC) of KOKI in Tulsa, OK, where Variety TV (VTV) is headquartered. Orion was chosen primarily because of ease of implementation for network operations and Centralized Sales/Traffic Operations. Orion is VCI’s traffic, accounting, sales and management tool.
Product functionality is key when starting a new multicast channel of this magnitude. Orion was chosen because it offers a flexible business model that easily addresses VTV’s requirement to swiftly implement many different distribution avenues.

“When creating a new channel like VTV, it is imperative to have the proper technology running seamlessly in the background. We found that with VCI’s Orion,” said Michael DeClue, Senior VP, Television; Director of Engineering; Director of Technology, Clear Channel Wireless. “With Orion, we have the flexibility to evolve the channel while operating at maximum productivity and efficiency,” he added.

A main factor in partnering with VCI on its solution for trafficking needs was the unparalleled ongoing training and support that VCI Solutions offers. Clear Channel needs assurance that, as Variety TV’s daily operations evolve, its staff can adjust the workflow and learn quickly and easily.

Dan Stein, VP Programming, commented, “In mapping out our needs for a system for VTV, we found the VCI staff forthcoming and easy-to-work with in finding creative solutions for our needs. The staff understands our vision for the future. Having that experience coupled with VCI’s reputation for continued product development, ongoing service, training, and support made the decision to install Orion that much easier.”

“We’re very pleased that Clear Channel chose VCI to partner with on this venture. It has been a wonderful experience for us both. Our team looks forward to a continued relationship with Clear Channel on Variety TV and any other innovative projects they may launch,” said Lowell Putnam, President, VCI.