Claratech to unveil fiber-optic transmission products

At the upcoming NAB2007 convention in April, (Booth# SU9307), UK-based Claratech will display and demonstrate examples of its modular video and audio fiber-optic products. These include the CTP2100 multichannel HD/SD video interface and CTP1000 audio and data fiber multiplexer. Designed for a wide range of applications including studio installations, fixed links and outside broadcasting, they offer a highly efficient alternative to bulky and interference-prone copper cabling.

The Claratech CTP2100 video interface features up to eight SD/HD optical receivers or transmitters in a 1RU box. It includes automatic rate detection, cable length equalization and reclocked outputs. Each module provides multiple SDI outputs on BNC connectors. The unit also offers four 2 x 2 routers to allow functions such as routing and fiber protection switching. A built-in Web server alleviates the need for special software.

The serial data channels each support up to 384kb/s on RS422 or RS485. Multiple CTP1000 units can be cascaded to increase capacity.

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