Cisco to Demo Frame-Accurate IP Video Switching at 2015 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—Using a non-specialized IP router, Cisco will demonstrate frame-accurate streamed video switching at NAB. According to TV Technology contributor, Al Kovalick, this will be first public showing of an off-the-shelf IP router copying the functionality of an SDI switch. (Fox conducted their own tests and presented them at the SMPTE technical conference last October. See link below.)

Uncompressed IP video streams (ST 2022 style) are fed to the router and it frame accurately switches between inputs upon receipt of an external command. The technique is distinguished by not requiring switch commands at the source node or destination node. Kovalick said this switch-timed method is unique in its simplicity of operation compared to other strategies.It uses an SDN command approach for switching precisely at the correct position in the video frame.

Cisco is in booth N802.

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