Circuit City, Mitsubishi Reconnect for 1080p

Mitsubishi and Circuit City (opens in new tab) have decided to re-establish a working relationship after about a decade apart, and 1080p is bridging the gap.

Mitsubishi will start selling some of its 1080p microdisplay rear-projection and LCD units through the Richmond, Va.-based retailer next month. Both companies indicated in a statement they are currently heavily focused on 1080p technology.

Circuit City said it plans a rollout of some still-undisclosed Mitsubishi 1080p models in nearly all its 500 stores by the end of 2006 (in time for the holiday selling season). A Circuit City exec said (opens in new tab) in a statement that Mitsubishi is considered an added-value brand. For now, the firm's pricier Diamond Series HD units will continue to be shipped only to high-end specialty retailers.