Chyron’s cloud-based Axis graphics keep viewers informed during natural disasters

Chyron’s cloud-based Axis World Graphics system has gotten quite a workout during the past two weeks, what with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake and a significant hurricane, which both rocked the East Coast in succession.

Stations subscribing to the template-based graphics workflow, where assets are stored in a cloud and shared among sister locations, allowed them to quickly create maps and other graphic elements during both breaking news events.

Within minutes of the quake, for example, Axis World Graphics users created 15 maps illustrating activity, and within an hour, the total of static and animated maps created grew to 62. By 6 p.m. EDT, just over four hours after the earthquake struck, users had created 98 earthquake-related maps in Axis World Graphics, and by 10:30 p.m. EDT the graphics total reached 133.

The TV station groups of Fox, Post-Newsweek and Scripps are all using the platform and report it has streamlined production and made staff more efficient.

“The online aspect of AXIS is very appealing because there is no additional equipment to purchase or install,” said Felicia Steiger, Design Hub Director at Post-Week Stations. “AXIS maps allows for map customization; banner design; and road and land colors, all of which can be stylized to match clients’ on-air graphic package.”

Post-Newsweek Stations including KPRC (Houston); WDIV (Detroit); WPLG (Miami-Fort Lauderdale); WKMG (Orlando); KSAT (San Antonio); and WJXT (Jacksonville) are all working in a centralized graphics hub environment. The Axis platform provides news producers at each of the stations with the ability to create localized graphics utilizing templates at their desktop.