Chyron's cloud speeds instant earthquake graphics to viewers

Immediately following the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that recently shook the East Coast, newsrooms across the U.S. used Chyron's cloud-based Axis World Graphics system for instant creation of maps for breaking news segments. Within minutes of the quake, Axis World Graphics users created 15 maps illustrating activity, and within an hour, the total of static and animated maps created grew to 62. By 6 p.m. EDT, just over four hours after the earthquake struck, users had created 98 earthquake-related maps in Axis World Graphics, and by 10:30 p.m. EDT the graphics total reached 133.

Instant maps, charts, full screen graphics and more, are all a part of the AXIS which is being deployed throughout the United States to large broadcast groups such as Fox, Scripps, Gannett, ABC and numerous other stations. Artists, producers, and journalists can produce graphics online from a computer or laptop, anytime or anywhere, and insert them directly into the news rundown.