Chyron Pro-Bel to unveil an array of new products at IBC2003

Chyron’s Pro-Bel and Graphics Division will release several new products for broadcast automation and on-air graphics tasks at IBC2003.

Morpheus builds on the strengths of the Compass family and uses new technology and a new architecture to provide a flexible, powerful automation solution to broadcasters.

The new TX500 series master control solution is half the size of the 400 series and has enhanced audio features, including optional manual faders.

The company also will introduce Cosmos 2 with increased support for Pro-Bel’s range of status monitoring and control products, the Halo audio router and the Sirius 256 time code router.

The Pro-Bel division also will show Procion 2 for the first time. It enables customized control interfaces to be created and integrated into the division’s existing router control systems, including Aurora.

Chyron’s Graphics Division will release the Duet Lex real-time character generator with Lyric compositing software and C-Mix, a four input timeline-controlled mixer. It will also show the Aprisa Replay, an advanced networked graphics management system with up to four channels of moving clips and four channels of stills; the Microscribe cost-effective 1 RU Chyron character generator; the SOLO laptop-based character generator; Chyron MOS interfaces for graphics composition and playback and Camio, advanced tools for graphic networking, asset management and browsing.

See Chyron in Stand 3.151 at IBC2003 or visit:

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