China Pushes DAB, T-DMB Ahead of Olympics

WorldDMB lent its support to a publicity effort from Beijing Radio Corp. (????????) to kick-start the promotion of DAB technologies in China ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Radio Beijing now offers a total of 15 DAB and six DMB services using a free-to-air business model. Having obtained approval from Chinese regulators, commercial Eureka-147 DAB services are now on the air in four cities.

By the end of the first quarter of 2008, the state broadcaster plans to add four more transmitter sites, giving it 86 percent coverage of the city. By June 2008, Radio Beijing intends to offer 20 DAB, six DMB and three data programs as well as ensuring coverage of all the Olympic venues in the metropolitan region.

According to WorldDMB President Quentin Howard, WorldDMB is "keen to cooperate" with Radio Beijing and create networking opportunities for Chinese manufacturers to enter the international market.

"It is very impressive that over 180,000 DAB/DMB receivers have already been sold despite the fact there has been no marketing about the technology," said Howard. "Chinese consumers are ahead of the game and highly advanced in their technology consumption."

At the press conference, more than 40 different Chinese manufacturers demonstrated DAB/DMB products.