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Chace Productions archives with Avastor drives

Chace Productions, a full-service audio post-production facility located in Burbank, CA, is using Avastor HDX800 hard drives to store audio archive material from a variety of analog and digital sources. The HDX800 triple interface external FireWire hard drive offers fast access to digital audio data and secure backup.

Using proprietary technology, Chace restores and re-masters content for a variety of motion picture studios, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, MGM/UA, NBC, and the National Archives and Records Administration.

Recently Chace Productions prepared Steven Spielberg’s 1977 Academy Award-winning “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” for release on Blu-ray. The restoration project is the first Blu-ray disc to make use of the company’s Clarity Audio Restoration by Plangent Processes. The Clarity process uncovers hidden detail in original soundtrack material. The improved audio fidelity can now be appreciated due to the high-resolution audio capabilities of the HD DVD format.

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