CFN/CNBC roll out ENG via mobile phone in Italy

Italian financial television channel CFN/CNBC has begun using mobile telephone technology to feed live and recorded video from the field to its studios for insertion into regular news programming.

Working with Italian telecommunications provider 3, CFN/CNBC developed a system to allow field journalists to use 3G mobile technology to dial into the studio and transmit their stories. The system was first used March 24 to cover the 2003 financial results for Mediaset.

According to Paolo Panerai, director and editor for Class Editori, which owns CFN/CNBC, the technology takes the network to a new level of immediacy, allowing its reporters to satisfy viewer expectations for timely coverage of breaking financial news. Additionally, using 3G mobile technology to file stories allows the network to maximize its news coverage in an economically efficient way without unduly driving up the costs of coverage.

The CFN/CNBC use of the 3 mobile phones for newsgathering is the first time the technology has been used for transmission of news footage from the field in Italy, according to the financial network.

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