CES: Dish Network Unveils 'TV Everywhere' Products

Dish Network is using the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show as the backdrop to introduce several new products for its "TV Everywhere" campaign, designed to make television viewing easier and more convenient.

One of these is billed as “the world’s smallest Slingbox” and adds Slingbox capability to existing Dish Network HD DVR receiver units. It connects to the set top box via a single USB cable and gives viewers the ability to watch their favorite programming anytime and anywhere via laptop computers and mobile telephones. Dish is also featuring its ViP 922, a DVR with built-in Slingbox technology.

Another Dish Network entry is WiFi Monitor, which can wirelessly transmit a high-definition video signal from a set top box to any location within a viewer’s home using WiFi network technology.

The company is also showing its Remote Access App, which is compatible with most SD and HD Dish DVR receivers. It provides satellite customers with complete control of their television viewing experience, but allowing them to set timers on multiple receivers, browse and search trough nine days of programming and manage DVR libraries. It also transforms an iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control for television receivers connected to a compatible Dish Network receiver.