CEntrance ships Ideal Driver software for FireWire

CEntrance has released its Ideal Driver product for FireWire audio interfaces. Ideal Driver is Windows-based audio software that offers one-third of the latency and higher stability than the typical drivers that are shipped with FireWire audio interfaces.

The CEntrance Ideal Driver bypasses the Windows audio engine to significantly reduce recording latency. Those who routinely perform live or overdub with a DAW will appreciate the improved immediacy of response. The CEntrance Ideal Driver is compatible with ASIO2, GSIF2 and MIDI applications, and supports sample rates of 44.1kHz through 192kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit resolution.

Ideal Driver features easy installation and robust performance while achieving round-trip latencies as low as 5.9ms, about one-third of many existing audio interfaces. To measure the true roundtrip latency, CEntrance offers customers a free download of the Latency Test Utility, a handy way to compare different drivers and optimize a DAW-based recording setup.

For more information, please visit www.centrance.com/products/id/.