Centralparq and EVS Create Workflow for Automated News and Sports Ingest

LONDON – Centralparq, a private cloud platform that’s part of Infostrada, announced a partnership with EVS to create an automated news and sports ingest workflow. The collaboration involves the combination of the EVS IPDirector and Centralparq’s MediaDoQ ingest system.

MediaDoQ automatically stores content within any editing platform without intervention from operators, making it an efficient and cost-effective option for use in any production. Using a MAM platform, MedaDoQ is able to seamlessly ingest media and match metadata into one central storage location.

Centralparq teamed up with EVS to help it create a streamlined platform for the automated ingest of raw content from ENG crews into an IPDirector nearline workflow, with the help of its MediaDoQ ingest workflow. Users are able to complete automated ingest to an EVS IPDirector from any location using a MediaDoQ. Before any shooting takes place, operators can log onto Centralparq’s cloud platform using IPDirector and retrieve the correct keyword grids, bin and metadata structures.

Operators are then able to fill in the metadata fields for their planned ingest and print QR code labels that are attached to the carrier to be used. Users can choose to shoot footage on an XDCAM Disc, P2, CompactFlash or SxS card. Using Centralparq’s tablet application while shooting, a logsheet is automatically created and updated in the Centralparq cloud and then transferred to the EVS IPDirector database.

After shooting and the insertion of the media carrier into the MediaDoQ ingest device, the QR code on the disk is automatically scanned using a built-in scanner. This enables the MediaDoQ to recognise the project and transfer materials in the right format with the Centralparq database’s metadata fields into the IPDirector.If multiple clips have a continuous timecode they can be stitched together creating a continuous clip inside the IPDirector’s database. Users can then edit and publish the material containing all the metadata to air.