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CCTV Relies on DataDirect Networks S2A for Data Infrastructure

China Central Television (CCTV) has selected DataDirect Networks Inc. Silicon Storage Architecture (S2A) platforms to support its broadcast production of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The S2A platforms are expected to help CCTV manage the complex data patterns of the files needed to manage the broadcasting, post-production and digital intermediate applications with covering the Games in a way that allows for rapid, simultaneous access and editing by multiple users, immediately and well into the future.

"Our solutions are optimized for companies that demand extreme performance for their large content files and unstructured data," said Paul Bloch, president of DataDirect Networks. "We are honored to provide the data backbone for this milestone event that will place CCTV on a truly global stage, and help China's largest television network to deliver an unprecedented, rich and memorable experience for the expected one billion plus viewers of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China."

Sobey Digital Technology Co. Ltd. devised the S2A implementation for CCTV.