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CBS Station Opts For Volicon Observer Monitoring Solution

CBS station WFMY News 2 has accessed the Volicon Observer desktop video monitoring solution to streamline compliance monitoring and to simplify creation and playout of clip segments for testing with audience focus groups.

Volicon's Observer makes multiple channels of content available on demand, live or archived and from any desktop, giving users across an organization the ability to search, retrieve, view, analyze, annotate, share, and export video from any location using a Microsoft Internet Explorer -compatible interface. In addition to monitoring for regulatory compliance and ad verification, the Observer allows WFMY News 2 to capture, view, and analyze multiple channels of content, whether the station's own aired content or that of competing stations.

"When I first saw the Observer demonstrated I knew that it was a wonderful piece of equipment that would meet our current monitoring needs and provide a foundation for other innovative uses at our station," said Deana Coble, director of technology and operations at WFMY News 2. "I'm confident that with the forward-looking approach of Volicon and the creativity of our team at WFMY, we'll be able to grow our use of the Observer in exciting new ways."

Prior to installing the Observer, WFMY News 2 recorded its broadcasts to videotape, a time-consuming model both for recording and retrieving aired content. Now users throughout the station can access content without interrupting master control or sitting in front of a tape machine.

The Observer’s Web-based GUI makes video broadcasts and analysis available as work material, enabling real-time searching of closed-captioned text and even providing e-mail alerts when tagged subjects or keywords are broadcast. Captured media can be checked for quality assurance or used for correlative analysis alongside viewer ratings information. EPG (electronic program guide) data, as-run logs, and custom metadata can be linked to assets to improve workflow integration.