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CBS Gets "Bold And Beautiful" With SSL

Hollywood, CA--CBS has purchased a Solid State Logic C200 digital production console to provide audio capabilities for the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. The C200 represents the first digital console for CBS Television City.
"We wanted to go digital to keep the general production flow evolving into an all-digital model," said Jonathan Fox, post-production audio engineering and maintenance supervisor for CBS. "The real beauty of the C200 is the complete capability to recall the many console and equipment configurations needed to shoot a soap. This capability will save us a great amount of time, thereby streamlining the post-production process. Additionally, most of the audio equipment we get in-house these days is digital, so the C200 significantly reduces our interfacing tasks."
Brian Connell, mix engineer for The Bold and the Beautiful, said, "The feature of the C200 that is really useful is the capability of writing our EQ changes. This show is produced on a daily basis, so the pressure is enormous to shoot and edit and move onto the next. We can now bank our EQ settings for each actor on each set, building up a library that will greatly facilitate our production flow."
Both Connell and Fox appreciate the consistency of design and superb service they have received over the years from SSL. "I really like the fact that I can sit in front of an SSL digital console made in 2004 and use it in the same way I am used to from the many years on their analog desks," said Connell. "Add to this the incredible facilities of this console and we have a real powerful production tool."
"After thorough evaluation, CBS chose the C200 for their broadcast facility, said Phil Wagner, SSL senior vice president. "CBS Television is one of our longest-standing customers and we are very excited about the installation."
CBS Television City already has three SSL SL 6064G+ Series, two SL 8064GB Series and one SL 8040G+ installed.
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